Junction Books is an independent publisher based in the Junction, Toronto, Canada.

Poem Pamphlets

Poem pamphlets are designed and printed by Carleton Wilson. The text is composed in Poliphilus MT and Blado MT. They are printed on Gmund Bier Paper: the cover is 135 g/m2 Lager, and the text is 100 g/m2 Weizen. The pamphlets are published by Junction Books in editions of 26 lettered copies.

Poem pamphlets will be available at events in which Junction Books participates.



Poem Pamphlet #4

“Correspondences” by Carleton Wilson

Available in November 2016.


Poem Pamphlet #3

“Zevart” by Souvankham Thammavongsa

Available in November 2016.


Poem Pamphlet #2

“Tia’s Porch” by Adam Getty

Published in November 2014.


Poem Pamphlet #1

“A Throw of the Dice” by A.F. Moritz

Published in November 2014.